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Find Experts in your Team on any Topic

AntEater AI understands your emails and extracts the most relevant experts on any topic .

Team Contacts - share all contacts in other organizations

See a list of all contacts that the team knows in other organizations - by team and departments .

Projects and Client History

Browse Projects, Clients and Contacts via a Timeline to instantly get up to speed on a new project or a team.

Your Emails are Safe


We use secure authentication to get temporary credentials to access your email. Our permissions are read-only, so we can't modify any of your data.We respect the privacy of your emails and do not read their full content - we only analyze meta-data and snippets to provide you the service & protect your privacy.

We access your data with Google's secure Gmail API


All processing is done on dedicated servers providing high security. We don't modify your emails in any way, we read important meta data and process it on our servers to bring you insights.

We keep your information secure.


We store and process only data necessary to provide you with insights. We make money from you paying us - not on advertising or reselling your data. You are not the product, you are our customer.

We do not sell your personal data to another party. You are our customer, not our product.


Connections to this website are encrypted to add security prevents anyone on the network, or Wi-Fi, to intercept your information.
View an independent report from a 3rd party security company.

All data is stored and processed on secure servers hosted by Google.

Enterprise & Teams

Knowing more about our teams & organization makes us more efficient, knowledgeable, creative, and engaged.

Google G Suite Integration

Integrates with G Suite & manage your users.
Easily Add/remove team members and share information across your team. Protect access to sensitive data.

Custom Email System support

We offer custom email importers for large organizations to integrate with your email systems

contact us for more details .


Email Intelligence for your entire team & organizations - Email Analytics on an individual, Team or organization level.

Private Cloud

We offer in-house private cloud deployments (using Docker).

See our Team access plans and contact us for more details .

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